Welcome to my lounge. (Last updated: Sept. 11th, 2005.)

This very secret page is dedicated to all those who belong to the inner circle
of our Dark Lord, Voldemort. In this site, you will find some information about
who I am and a few spoofs and parodies I have written with the sole purpose of
entertaining those Death Eaters and wicked souls who have enough sense of humour.


All the characters and situations taken from J.K. Rowling's novels
are Scholastic Books and Bloomsbury Publishing. I am not making any profit out
of these little writings, so be nice and don't sue me. I might not crucio
you in return. *smirk!*

Most images except the pictures are property of Holly Toadstool, including the awesome
Dark Mark and the cool Death Eater piccies!

Feel free to look around, if you dare.

Image is property of Holly Toadstool, who by the way, kicks major butt!

RANDOM NOTES, Role-playing mode off: After checking some of the entries in my guestbook I thought I'd clarify a few things:

- Yes, I do read my guestbook! :) - Thanks for the friendly entries! I am glad you enjoyed the site.

- Sorry for those who think they are actually real Death Eaters in real life and feel offended by my simple humour. (Yes, I've had flames telling me how unworthy I am of being a Death Eater and how dare I joke about Lord Voldemort. *cough* Whatever.)

- For those who are taking this website WAY too seriously, take a deep breath and cool down. Yes, this site was never meant to be taken seriously! The content is silly, I already know that, there is no need to remind me. Like, duh. :)

- No, I don't consider myself a witch and I don't think I can do magic of any sorts. I am just roleplaying a bit here. I have my feet on the ground and I know I'm just another human being.

- Yes, I do have a life, very busy one too. I barely have time to update anymore! But I haven't abandoned this page.

- Yes, that's me on those pictures. Only one is photoshopped so that I could be with Snape.

- My webspace is located on my husband's own server, so if I am wasting someone's space, it's his, and he doesn't seem to mind at all.

- Yup. I'm crazy alright, you got me there! :)

- No, I have no intentions of killing myself anytime soon, sorry to disappoint you.

Last updated: Sept. 11th, 2005.

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