Would you like to let everyone know that you are a Death Eater?
Yes, our Lord is back and the cat is finally out of the bag.
We no longer have to go around hiding or sneaking around. It is time
to let the world know who we are. They'd better be warned and avoid
crossing our path, for our time has come! We won't stand still
while Muggles and Mudbloods continue destroying the world that
belongs to us, the superior race, the Pure Blood Wizards!

Below are the names of those who have sworn allegiance to the Dark Lord
and who are not ashamed to say it. Those who follow His orders will be
most rewarded, way over the cowards who ran away and came back to him
out of pure terror for his punishment. Now it is time to show Lord Voldemort
that you are worthy of being his follower.

Do you want your name/email/website displayed here? Send me an owl.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all submissions will make it, so here are a few RULES given by The Lord:

- OKAY PEOPLE! I have already got waaaay too many Voldemort's daughters, animagi, parseltongues, Draco's sisters, Harry's sisters and metamorphmagi. Give me something different to add here! :)

- You can add a brief description of your character.

- Please send something that is readable. Lord Voldemort cringes when he sees
things like "w8 I o u a d0ll@r" or terrible punctuation.

(I am no native English speaker, so I have big respect for those who tried to
learn the language. This means I will admit mistakes and flawsies, but no netspeak.
Give me too much of that, and I promise your submission will be turned down.)

- Bad words: If I happen to see one of those, I will censor it. Why? because
foul language makes us have a bad image. Thus, try not to write them yourself
and save me the trouble!

- Pictures: I can add a small icon-sized picture to your description if you like :)

- Take a look at the first two submissions. You can follow the same pattern,
just fill in the fields of name, birthdate, website, occupation and comments.

Name: Holly Toadstool
Birthdate: 11 - 8 - 1882 (not a typo)
Website: Holly's Cage
Occupation: Death Eater illustrator
Comments: Even Voldemort needs someone to draw cool pictures. He loves comics,
that's why he spends so much time in the toile-.. his.. confrence room. He has
a whole pile of Holly comics stacked there.

Name: Alexander Lazarev
Birthdate: 13 - Dec - 1975
Website: Alexander Lazarev's LiveJournal
Occupation: Death eater and women hunter
Comments: I am an animagus. I find it very amusing when unsuspecting Muggle
house-wives open their cupboards and find a panther there.
The Dark Lord has given me the order to write down daily activities in a "live journal".
I suggest you visit the link above, or suffer painful crucio's.

Name: Sarah Cyclopine
Birthdate: n/a
Occupation: n/a
Comments: *maakt een buiging*

Mijn naam is Sarah Cyclopine, een type D (volgens de quiz) Death Eater.
I would really like to join the Great Dark Lord's ranks...

*maakt nog een buiging*

Name: Haine Lestrange
Birthdate: 8/1/1981
Website: Moter Bellatrix
Occupation: I work at the Ministry of Magic, a spy for our Lord... unspeakable, was with Rockwood
Comments: I am the son of the Beloved Bellatrix Lestrange. I was born in Azkaban, and
they gave me to a muggle orphanage. Agter the found out about my magical roots,
I was given to The ministry, and they brought me to Germay to go to an orphanage
at the school Verstorbene-ein school of Witchcraft Wizardry and The Dark Arts.
For more info on me look at my muggle (unfortunatly) website, and Remember...
Lord Voldemort is here at last! Dont be afraid to show you support him for he
will protect you! Morsmordre!

Name: Dracania Ivery
Birthdate: n/a
Occupation: n/a
Comments: Black hair, blue eyes. Usually wears black (duh), and her pet is a
black cat. Can be invisible at will, and practices wandless magic. Likes to
Crucio random Muggles, and succeeded in killing at least eighteen Aurors who
responded to her last raid.
If you wanna Crucio me, I'm tied to a chair in the Slytherin girl's dorm with a supply of poison (heh) next to me.


Name: Azalais du Plessix Malfoy
Birthdate: 5/23/64 (really!)
Website: Malfoy madness (mine)
Occupation: I am proud to serve our Lord as a propaganda expert.
Comments: I write the fic, 'House of Ill Faith' and am also the domin-editrix and co-mod,
along with Biichan and Nicolae, of the gamefic 'Lightningwar on LiveJournal. I have turned many people to the Dark Side through my writing. Azalais has a degree in medieval history
and the history of science and the occult from a small Muggle university.
She has practiced ceremonial magick and witchcraft since she was a teenager.
She will be giving presentationson the glory and truth of our Lord at
Nimbus 2003 and Yaoi-con 2003.

Name: Azgard Reihlive
Birthdate: July 14th
Website: The Dark Lord's Return
Occupation: Death Eater, Thief, Teenager
Comments: Well, I was there waaaay back when my precious Voldemort was
just Tom Riddle Jr. I'm 5 years younger than he is. You would imagine I would
look really old and disgusting, huh? Well, using my advanced knowledge of
potions, I made myself eternally youthful... But, also, because of my idiocy,
I'm stuck as a 15 year old girl! Oh well... My first year of hogwarts was when
Voldemort opened the chamber of secrets the first time... {{grins mischeviously}}
It was a good thing. I've been by his side ever since...

Name: Cyprian Burke
Birthdate: May 2nd, 1968
Website: Cyprian Burke, Eye of the Serpent
Occupation: Death Eater.
Comments: Enjoying nothing more than watching others writhe in agony, he takes special pleasure in blood and gore. The more violent the attack, the more pleasurable it is for Cyprian to take part in. With a little bit of a reckless streak, Cyprian often does not partake in death eater meetings, and often does his own thing rather than joining his fellow Dark Lord worshippers in their plot. His past is full of violence, and his future holds much of the same. An insolent, cold sneer is his trademark, and he possesses a strong hatred for anyone who does not fit the pureblood mold.

Physically, his frame is gaunt from time spent in Azkaban, his weight far too light for someone with a six foot plus height. Cyprian has a distinctly lopsided appearance when viewed from the front, his right arm crooked and somewhat mangled looking. The skin of his right arm is completely scarred over from a bout with an Incendio curse, and he always keeps his robes long to cover it. Across his left cheek, from cheekbone going diagonally towards his ear, is a deep gash, another of the same over his right eye. Insolent, sinister green eyes are his trademark, especially piercing from beneath the death eater mask almost always worn to disguise his identity. Hair is a reddish auburn in color, although rarely seen as his hood and mask are up at all times when he is on the prowl.

Name: Deke Williams
Birthdate: 15 years old
Website: Voldemort's Minions
Occupation: Death Eater General of North America
Comments: I usually like to think myself as an important person in the Dark Order,
but as Malfoy constantly reminds me,(I think he might be jealous) I'm only the person
who recruits Hogwarts students. Though I've spoken to the Lord several times in
person, I usually take my orders from Saxtus Baddock. I've currently succeded in
converting thirty students in Slytherin and Ravenclaw (only ten who go to meetings,
the rest as informants). I created my website in the hopes to increase my favor with
Lord Voldemort, and I think it might be working.
Though I'm only just going into my fifth year, Professor Snape assures me that he
was my age when he joined, so I suppose I'm safe. Hogwarts Meetings are every Friday
in the chamber below the Slytherin Common Room. See me or Adrian Moore for more details.

Name: The Honourable Lady Isobel Wren (nicknamed Midori aka Sarah Dorrance-Minch)
Birthdate: Yes it is real: April 20. Guess who else was born that day. And no, I won't share the year - a true lady is always twenty seven years old, regardless of her actual age.
Occupation: Chef.
Comments: Honey, anyone who eats my Death By Chocolate Orgasm Cheesecake is a death eater. I've
made a lot of converts to the cause who never would have supported the Death Eaters
otherwise. I've even converted Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors. I've converted
Muggles. I am the chocolate goddess. Hear me roar. (Well, actually, I'm a Slytherin,
so I don't really roar. My Hufflepuff relatives call me their hisster-in-law.)
Oh, and I brew and make cordials,too. Try my Love Potion 69 or my
Holy Sh*t! Orange Schnocker Cordial sometime.

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